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If you got hurt in a crash because someone was driving drunk or on drugs, you might have the right to get money for the harm it did to you. A lawyer who knows a lot about dealing with accidents caused by drunk drivers in Los Angeles can explain what you can do about it. Drunk driving is a significant problem that leads to numerous deaths and injuries every year. Unfortunately, in Los Angeles, these types of accidents occur far too frequently, causing immense suffering and devastation to innocent victims and their families.

If you’ve been in a drunk driving accident, it’s really important to get legal help. This will make sure your rights are looked after and help you get the money you deserve for things like your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our drunk driver accident lawyer can guide you through all the legal stuff and ensure the person who caused the accident takes responsibility for what they did. This can help you heal and move on with your life.

Legal Options for Victims of Drunk Driving Accident

If you got hurt in a crash caused by someone who was driving drunk, you might be able to get money to help you with your losses. These losses could be things like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

If you’ve been in an accident caused by someone who was drinking and driving in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles drunk driving accident lawyer who specializes in these cases can guide you in figuring out what you can do legally. They can also help you file a claim against the drunk driver and anyone else who might be responsible for the accident.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Drunk Driving Accident

In addition to the drunk driver, other parties may also be held liable for your injuries, such as:

  • The drunk driver’s employer, if the accident occurred while the driver was on the job
  • The establishment that served the drunk driver alcohol

A Crown Law Group, PC can investigate your case and determine who may be liable for your damages.

Who Is Responsible for Drunk Driving Injuries

In most drunk driving accident cases, the primary responsibility falls on the drunk driver. Their decision to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol constitutes negligence, meaning they acted with a lack of reasonable care that put others at risk. If their intoxication directly or partially caused your injuries, they can be liable for your damages.

However, depending on the specific circumstances, other parties may also share some responsibility:

  • Social hosts: In California, hosts who provide alcohol to guests who are visibly intoxicated and later cause accidents can be held liable under the state’s dram shop laws.
  • Bars and restaurants: These establishments have a responsibility to serve alcohol responsibly and can be held liable if they overserve a guest who then causes an accident.
  • Employers: If the drunk driver was on the job when the accident occurred, their employer might be liable, especially if the work involved driving or if the employer knew the employee had a history of drunk driving.

Figuring out who is to blame for a drunk driving accident can be hard and needs a close look at all the facts. A lawyer who deals with drunk driving accidents can help you with this and find all the people who might be responsible. This increases your chances of getting the right amount of compensation to make up for what happened.

Why You Should Contact a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you:

  • Investigate your case
  • Gather evidence
  • File a claim
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Take your case to trial, if necessary

Our drunk driving accident lawyer specializes in cases involving accidents caused by drunk drivers and knows a lot about how to help you get the money you should receive for what happened to you.

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